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Shopping more sustainably

The clothes we buy have a huge impact on our carbon emissions and the waste we create. The global fashion industry creates 10% of world carbon emissions and creates 92 million tonnes of waste a year - equivalent to a truck full of clothing waste every second.

There are ways to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and minimising your impact on the planet. Have a look at our advice for buying clothes sustainably.

If you do need a different outfit, consider buying second hand. There are lots of options available 👇

Charity shops

Charity shops are great if you enjoy browsing high street brands. Clothing is often sorted by size so you can easily find items that are right for you, and the money you spend funds great causes.

If you are donating to charity shops be aware that they will only accept good quality items, don’t donate anything that may be at the end of it’s life for others.

Vintage stores

Vintage stores allow you to find timeless classics that are high quality. They can be more expensive than other second hand options and the sizing can sometimes be slightly different from what you might find on the High Street today. Find out how to get the best from vintage shopping.

Websites and apps

There are hundreds of apps and websites dedicated to selling and buying second hand clothing.

To get the most from buying second hand, have a clear idea of what you want to buy (for example, a black shirt with a grandad collar) and make your search as specific as you can: this will help you find brands and items that you like, as browsing these sites can sometimes feel overwhelming. Try a few different apps to find out which work best for you.

Sold out items

Buying second hand can be a great way to get those items you might have missed out on when they have sold out on the high street, since a lot of these clothes will be part of short term trends. Remember items you wanted and were sold out in shops, and set up an alert on your phone to find them when they become available in second-hand apps.

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