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Why choose real nappies?

Babies wearing real nappiesReal nappies are great for the environment and can save you around £1,000 pounds compared to buying disposables. 

Choosing real nappies is one of the single biggest things you as a family can do to cut down the amount of non-recyclable waste you produce. A baby will use around 5,000 disposable nappies by the time they are potty-trained. In comparison, just 20 cloth nappies could see you through to potty training and be passed on to another baby as well! Around half the residual waste (non recyclable rubbish) a family with a baby produces is nappies. Over 86,000 a day are thrown away in Gloucestershire alone, costing us over £100,000 a year to dispose of.

Switching to reusable nappies is much kinder to the environment. In addition to removing a mountain of waste, they produce far fewer greenhouse gases in their production and use far less water – even with the washing! Around twice as much water is used to produce the required number of disposable nappies than will ever be used in the production and washing of reusables.

In addition to all of the environmental benefits, you can save hundreds of pounds. You can set up a stash of reusable nappies for around £100 (less if you buy second-hand and if you use our voucher scheme) whereas disposables will cost you roughly £500-£1500 for the first 2.5 years, depending on brand.

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