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Top tips for reducing your plastics at home and on the go

Reducing your single use plastic can seem like a minefield - we've shared some handy tips below to help you easily navigate reducing your single-use plastic at home and while you're on the go.

What will you try?


Ditch the plastic bottles

Try out packaging free alternatives like shampoo and conditioner bars instead of buying single use plastic bottles and opt for bars of soap over body wash bottles! They are easy to use and perfect for packing to go on holiday too - no more spills!  You can get refills for all of your hair and body wash in your local refill shops too if you prefer the liquid option! 

Download the Refill App to find your local refill shop!


Brush with bamboo, not plastic!

Plastic toothbrushes are very hard to recycle as they are made out of hard plastic. Why not try out a bamboo alternative toothbrush? Snap off the head and reuse or compost the body of the brush when it needs replacing! Better still, add it to your cleaning arsenal and use it to clean those hard to reach places before disposing of it. 

Plastic free periods

Did you know the average pack of pads contains the same amount of plastic as 5 carrier bags?! The average menstruator will use over 11,000 disposable, single use menstrual products in their lifetime - That's a lot of waste! 

Why not opt for plastic reusable period products like menstrual cups and disks, period pants and washable pads! They will save you money and help you avoid plastic period products!

Find out more about plastic free period products here - Plastic-free Period Products - City to Sea - Making the switch


Try out toothpaste tube alternatives 

Plastic tubes of toothpaste are mostly non-recyclable due to the type of plastic and the residual product left inside the tube. There are lots of plastic free options out there including toothpaste tablets that you chew to form a paste! 


Opt for reusable face wash cloths instead of wipes

There are so many options for reusable and washable face cleaning cloths and sponges. Ditch the single use plastic wipes and your skin will thank you as well as the planet! 


Page updated: 20/05/2022 Page updated by: Waste Management

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