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Reducing your food waste

person writing shopping listPlanning ahead and writing a shopping list before you head out to the shops is a great way to reduce overbuying and impulse buying which generally lead to food being wasted at home.

Here are 5 ideas to help you write your list and plan your meals:

  1. During the week, keep a running list as you finish or get low on items and add notes about quantities to help save you time when you shop.
  2. Check your cupboards, fridge and freezer before writing your list to see what you have left and to make sure you’ve used up anything that is going out of date, this will help to reduce duplicate purchases.
  3. Now you know what food you already have; think about the meals you could make with those ingredients and the meals you’d like to eat over the next few days.  
  4. When you're writing out your list, try and put down the quantities of ingredients you'll need for the recipes you've chosen. This will help avoid you buying more than you need. 
  5. Put your meals in to a weekly planner and stick it somewhere obvious like on the fridge door so you remember to stick to it!
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