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Save on compost bins this spring!


To celebrate International Compost Awareness Week (6-12 May 2019), Gloucestershire’s Joint Waste Team is inviting residents to take advantage of two great deals helping them save pounds on the price of compost bins.

Bin manufacturer, Straight Ltd, which fulfils orders of compost bins made through the Recycle for Gloucestershire website (, is currently offering a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ deal (saving residents £9.25 on the purchase of two standard 220ltr compost bins or £10.25 based on the purchase of two 330ltr bins). The compost bin scheme is managed by the Joint Waste Team on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council.

Throughout May, householders in Gloucestershire will also be able to benefit from free delivery (giving an additional saving of £5.99 per order) making the cost of composting at home even more affordable.

Compost is made by mixing, in equal parts, ‘greens’ (including plants, weeds, fruit and vegetables peelings, garden prunings and lawn cuttings) and ‘browns’ (such as autumn leaves, cardboard, newspaper, kitchen paper, wood ash and egg shells). Cooked foods, bones, meat/fish and dairy products are not suitable to compost. ‘Greens’ are quick to rot and provide nitrogen and moisture while the ‘browns’ are slower to breakdown and add carbon to the mixture. The result is a rich, dark, crumbly and sweet-smelling product which can be used to feed and condition the soil and for making potting mixes.

Wayne Lewis, Head of Gloucestershire’s Joint Waste Team said: ‘More than 30% of waste produced by an average household can be composted and while plenty of households already compost, we want to encourage even more residents to take part. Composting food and garden waste at home is simple to do and brings many cost and environmental benefits. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste which needs to be sent to disposal sites and help reduce carbon emissions but it also provides a free supply of nutritious compost at the end which can be used around the garden to improve the soil and help with moisture retention.’

Compost bins along with a range of accessories, such as water butts and wormeries, can be ordered by visiting or my calling 0844 571 4444. The website also has advice for anyone new to composting who may be unsure how to get started.

The ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ deal and free delivery offer applies to both the Blackwall 220ltr and Blackwall 330ltr sized compost bins.

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