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Wanted for Recycling: The Usual Suspects!


Join in national Recycle Week - 12-18 September


Join in national Recycle Week - 12-18 September

Welcome to Recycle Week! Now in its 13th year Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling, with this year's theme being 'The Unusual Suspects'. The aim of the week is to encourage everyone to think about all those items that often get forgotten about when recycling at home.

Recycling is not just for the kitchen! Don't forget bathroom and bedroom recycling such as deodorant cans, shampoo and bleach bottles and cardboard tube inners.

It's never been easier to recycle from home. Every district in Gloucestershire now collects plastic bottles, deodorant cans and cardboard tube inners from the kerbside.

Did you know:

  • Recycling one bleach bottle saves enough energy power a street light for 6.5 hours
  • Recycling one shower gel bottle saves enough energy to toast nearly 3 rounds of bread
  • Recycling one shampoo bottle saves enough energy to toast 4.5 rounds of bread
  • If everyone recycled one more toilet roll tube it would save enough cardboard inner tubes from landfill to go round the M25 38 times
  • If every person in the UK recycled one more deodorant can, it would save the same weight as 3 Angel of the North's going into landfill.

Follow Recycle Week on social media! If you're a facebook fanatic, or a Twitterite, the hashtags to use are #UnusualSuspects and #RecycleWeek.  Recycle Now will be posting many exciting updates throughout the week. So what are you waiting for - there's a huge case to solve. Who are the Unusual Suspects?  Find out at: Recycle Now 'The Unusual Suspects'

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