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COVID-19 personal waste information

Covid-19: Disposal of Personal Waste

If you have confirmed or suspected Covid-19, then your personal waste (e.g. used tissues and cleaning cloths) should be stored securely within a rubbish bag. Tie this bag securely and place it in another rubbish bag and tie this up.  Once this is tied securely, keep it separate from other rubbish and within your own room or home where you are self-isolating. Do not let anyone open or tamper with these bags (e.g. children or pets). This should be put aside for at least 72 hours (3 days) before being put in your household waste bin. Other household waste can be put in your bin as normal.

If you use a communal bin with your neighbours, please follow the guidance above then place in the general rubbish bin only. Do not put this waste in a recycling bin.

If you do not use a bin and put rubbish bags out on collection day, please follow the guidance above and then put it out on the day of collection before 7am and make sure they are double bagged in strong bin liners.

If you receive an assisted collection, please follow the advice above and make sure any Covid-19 bags are inside your bin at your usual collection point on collection day. Do not leave the bags to the side for the crew to pick up.

This advice, along with other guidance on how to manage self-isolation is available from the Government's cleaning and disposal of waste page.

Please make sure you do not litter or carelessly dispose of tissues or other potentially infected waste.


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