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Spooky craft ideas


Ways to reduce waste this Halloween


Alternative Jack o'Lanterns:

You will need:

  • Selection of old glass jars (washed with labels removed)
  • Paint, glue, scissors
  • Masking tape or sticky tape
  • Black paper or black felt tips
  • Strips of white fabric
  • Coloured tissue paper (orange/red)
  • Transparent sweet wrappers (orange/red) 

Painted glass mummy jars:

Take a glass jar and wind thin strips of masking tape around it a few times, crossing the tape over at different angles.  Next, paint the outside of the jar with white paint mixed with a little PVA glue.  Once dry, carefully remove the tape to expose the glass beneath.  Leave some of the tape on the jar if you like or pinch it together to look like bandages.

Spooky pumpkin jars:

Take a glass jar and paint the outside in orange (or find a coloured jar if you can.)  If you don't have paint, you can stick orange tissue paper or coloured sweet wrappers to the outside instead.  

Cut out two eyes, a triangle-shaped nose and a mouth from a piece of black paper.  Once the jar is dry stick the eyes, nose and mouth to the outside.  If you don't have any black paper you can use a black felt tip instead.

If you have painted your jar you can scratch away areas of paint, once it is dry, to expose the glass beneath for a different effect.

Bandaged mummy jars:

Take a glass jar.  Take some old bandages or strips of old white cotton fabric and wind around the jars.  Tie the lengths securely with a knot.  Add some wobbly eyes or eyes cut out from coloured fabric or paper and stick on to finish.

Use the jars as tea light holders for an extra spooky effect!

Alternative Jack o'Lanterns

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