Where are Gloucestershire's materials recycled?

Below you can find out more about where materials from Gloucestershire's Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) are recycled.




End Destination(s)

What happens to the material?





An environmentally-friendly enterprise that uses the internet to sell second-hand books worldwide.



Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

Celsa Manufacturing UK Ltd

Processed through the Hammer Mill at Moreton Valence with the ferrous going to a steel mill in South Wales (Celsa Manufacturing UK Ltd).



PW Commercial Co. Ltd T/A Printwaste Recycling & Shredding

Hanoi City,

The market for recycled fibres is a global one, and the demand for export grade, quality cardboard is much higher in regions such as Asia.


Car batteries

Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

H J Enthoven T/AS ECOBAT Logistics, West Midlands

The lead and plastic is separated and the battery acid made safe. The car battery you recycle will typically be used to make more car batteries.


Cooking oil

Living Fuels

Thetford, Norfolk

Cooking oil is sent to Living Fuels a state-of-the-art recovery facility in Thetford to be cleaned and reprocessed. Once recovered it becomes an environmentally friendly bioliquid used to generate carbon-neutral electricity for UK homes and businesses.


Engine oil


Stourport-On-Severn, Worcestershire.

The waste oil collected is processed to create a reusable product called Processed Fuel Oil (PFO): an environmentally compliant alternative to virgin fuel.


Green garden waste


Hempsted, Gloucester
Wingmoor Farm, Bishops Cleeve

100% of the processed material is used for capping off and landscaping on adjacent landfill sites.


Green garden waste

Hills Waste Solutions

Parkgate Farm, Purton, Wiltshire

Certified to BSI PAS 100 standard, Hills Compost is made from local green waste that is brought to Hills’ recycling complex at Parkgate Farm, Purton where it undergoes a rigorously monitored process. The raw material is first finely shredded, then stacked in what we call ‘windrows’ and constantly turned and moistened as necessary to speed up the decomposition process, which takes some 12 weeks. The end product has to meet strict rules in order to adhere to the requirements of Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) who has accredited Hills Compost.


Green garden waste

MF Bennion

Dymock, Gloucestershire

The bulk of the compost is used on Bennion's own arable farm, with other local farms utilising the soil improver as a substitute for some synthetic fertilisers on their land.


Flat glass

Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

URM Ltd t/a Berrymans Tilbury / Knottingley

This material is processed at URM’s plants ready for Remelt to Float or Container Glass.


Gas bottles



The bottles are returned to the manufacturers who inspect and refill the bottles for redistribution.



Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd


All non-ferrous is sorted, processed and graded then added to other tonnage onsite and sold accordingly to several outlets such as:
Donald Ward Ltd, Derbyshire
European Metal Recycling Ltd, Gloucestershire
Sims Metal Management Ltd, Avonmouth


Mixed glass

Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

URM Ltd t/a Berrymans Tilbury / Knottingley

The UK Targets 67% of glass waste to be processed to Remelt grade and 33% to aggregates.
URM currently put over 85% of the glass waste received back into Remelt.



Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

Casepac, Leicester
UPM, Shotton, Flintshire

Paper and card recycled by Casepak is supplied to paper mills and used by the following industries:
Recycled cardboard and mixed papers are used to produce brown grade packaging which is converted into boxes
Recycled office stationery and printers’ waste is used in hygiene products and high-grade printing and writing papers
Recycled newspapers and magazines are used to produce recycled newsprint which is now the primary type of newsprint used by all UK newspaper publishers.



Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

New West Gypsum Rec Ltd, Somerset

Gypsum is one of the few materials in the world that can be recycled with zero degradation to the final product. All the gypsum recycled by NWGR goes back to the plasterboard manufacture to make more plasterboard.


Plastic bottles

Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

Monoworld Recycling Facility, Bedfordshire

HDPE bottles are reprocessed into HDPE Recycled granules for supply into UK plastics manufacturing.



Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

Moreton Valence, Glos.

Smiths (Gloucester) Ltd. Moreton Valence are the end disposal outlet as we turn the waste into an aggregate product using the WRAP Protocol.


Rubble / soil


Hempsted, Gloucester
Wingmoor Farm, Bishops Cleeve

Hardcore, rubble and soil are sent to Hempsted (Gloucester) and Wingmoor (Bishops Cleeve) landfill sites. The soil is often used as topsoil when capping off and landscaping landfill sites. The hardcore is broken down and used as aggregate in the construction industry, often in road building.



Wilcox Textile Reclaimers

Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia

Clothes, textiles and shoes are taken to Wilcox Textile Reclaimers. They are a family-owned group involved in the reclamation, processing and export of fine quality clothing to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. They work with charities, local authorities and waste reclamation companies and have developed new systems using using a automated sorting system combined with over 200 highly trained staff to ensure the maximum possible amount of clothing can be reused. Anything that is not suitable for re-wear and cannot be reused is prepared for recycling and is re-purposed for use as insulation, carpet underlay or wiping cloths.



Smith's (Gloucester) Ltd

SITR Midlands Associates Ltd, Cheltenham

SITR bale tyres to conform to PAS 108 standards. The PAS was designed to provide a specification for producing compact tyre bales of a consistent and verifiable quality and dimension. Producing quality bales for use in civil engineering and using the most environmentally friendly options available.



Jack Moody Recycling

Meriden, West Midlands

Waste wood is processed into wood chip for use in biomass heating systems. Jack Moody also recycle wood back into the panel board industry.


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